Participating in Music and Memory Experiments

Thank you for your interest in our work and desire to participate!

Please note that participating in the musical neurobiography experiments requires a significant time commitment, typically stretched out over months. This is because we need to collect your memories for hundreds of song excerpts. Most people find that they like to record 2 - 4 memories in a single sitting. Also, the current mechanism that we have for collecting music-evoked memories is not the user-friendly and pleasing system that we are in the process of building.

There are two different ways to participate in music and memory experiments:

1. Have a random selection of popular music excerpts to you based on your age and preferences Click here to start the online experiment. Please note that you will first have to navigate through a couple of pages of consent forms. After you click OK, you will be asked for your name and birthdate. Providing your name is part of the consent process. Providing your birthdate allows us to select music in a way that makes it more likely that you will hear songs that evoke memories. You will then get a couple of forms asking about your musical genre preferences and what music you were exposed to in childhood. You will then start the process of hearing song excerpts and answering questions about them. You may complete as few or as many song excerpts as you wish.

To return to the experiment at a later time, you can bookmark the link or access it again from this page. Assuming you enter the same name and birthdate you will not have to complete the genre forms again, though you will have to click through the consent forms.

We apologize that this process is not more user-friendly at this time.

2. Provide a playlist of 200+ pieces of music that evoke memories for you from different periods of your life If you are interested in this option, please e-mail Dr. Petr Janata for more information.

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