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Welcome to the Ensemble Wiki

This wiki serves as a forum for documenting Ensemble management and development. Please read the Terms of Service before using the wiki.

For general information and a link to download Ensemble, visit the main Ensemble site.
Before you install Ensemble at your site, make sure you have read and agreed to the Ensemble License.



Follow this link to request to be added to the Ensemble email list. This list is used to announce new Ensemble releases and as a general technical support forum. It is a very low traffic list. You may also view the list archives.

Click here to login or to request an author account for the Ensemble Wiki. Author accounts are only granted to Ensemble developers and core users.


If you use Ensemble in any publishable work, please cite the relevant journal article. Here is the appropriate citation:
Tomic, S.T., & Janata, P. (2007). Ensemble: A Web-Based System for Psychology Survey and Experiment Management. Behavior Research Methods. 39(3), 635–650.

In order to download the journal article, follow this link.

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