The Human Music Memory Map Project

Our goals

Music and memories are richly interconnected, whether at societal, cultural, and historical scales, or at the level of a person's brain. Our goal is to map out and understand the interconnections of music and memories at all of these levels, and improve psychological well-being for the general population along the way.

What we're doing

Behavioral and neuroimaging research

Building MEAMCentral, a social website for sharing music-evoked autobiographical memories (MEAMs).

Creating apps, such as MEAMCards, that make it fun and easy to share MEAMs.

How you can help

It's simple and fun!
Create an account in MEAMCentral and start sending MEAMCards to your friends!

Support provided by

  • Metanexus Institute
  • GRAMMY Foundation
  • The Center for Mind and Brain Child Family Fund
  • The UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences
  • UC Davis Venture Catalyst
  • Franz, Inc. - providers of AllegroGraph
  • People like you!
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