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Research articles

Book chapters & conference proceedings

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  • Janata, P. (2007). Navigating tonal space. In E. Selfridge-Field (Ed.), Tonal Theory for the Digital Age (Computing in Musicology: Vol. 15, pp. 39–50).
  • Janata, P. (2005). Brain networks that track musical structure. In The Neurosciences and Music II: From Perception to Performance (Vol. 1060): New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Janata, P. & Childs, E. (2004). MarketBuzz: sonification of real-time financial data. Proceedings of ICAD 04-Tenth Meeting of the International Conference on Auditory Display.
  • Tillmann, B., Janata, P., & Bharucha, J. J. (2003). Activation of the inferior frontal cortex in musical priming. In Neurosciences and Music (Vol. 999, pp. 209-211).
  • Janata, P. (2001c). Neurophysiological mechanisms underlying auditory image formation in music. In R. I. Godøy & H. Jørgensen (Eds.), Elements of Musical Imagery . Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers.
  • Potje-Kamloth, K.; Janata, P.; Josowicz, M. (1989)  Carbon fiber microelectrodes.  Proceedings of ElectroFinnAnalysis Conference.  Plenum Press.

Book reviews and commentaries


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