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Matlab files in this directory:

 biopac_correct_calibrationcorrect a biopac waveform collected with incorrect calibration
 init_physmon_paramsparams = init_physmon_params(config);
 physio_filt_highlowhigh- and/or low-pass continuous data in an EEGlab struct using eegfilt
 physio_filt_scanner_artifactfilters scanner artifact for a given physio channel
 proc_physio_data[physio] = proc_physio_data(flist,params,physio);
 read_biopacReads physiological data measured by the BioPac system, epochs data
 read_keithley[runinfo, params] = read_keithley(fname,params,data)
 read_mate[runinfo, params] = read_mate(flist,params)
 read_physmon[runinfo, params] = read_keithley(fname,params,data)
 ri_templatestemplate describing the 'ri' struct output from each physio reader

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