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The following pages (accessed via the tabs in the top right corner of this page) describe Ensemble, a suite of web-integrated modules for managing and analyzing data associated with psychology surveys. The system delivers interfaces via a web browser for creating and presenting surveys with little or no programming effort. The surveys may be extended with auditory and/or visual stimuli in order to administer complete psychophysics or cognitive experiments. Ensemble provides the ability to administer experiments remotely by providing web links to subjects. The software technologies employed by the various modules of Ensemble are MySQL, PHP, Matlab, and Flash.

The paper Ensemble: A Web-Based System for Psychology Survey and Experiment Management was accepted for publication in Behavior Research Methods. This resource is recommended for new users wishing to familiarize themselves with the system. The paper describes Ensemble's architecture, describes the utilities and features of each module in detail, and provides basic examples of usage.

Please see the new Ensemble Wiki!

The online documentation for this project (accessible via the links at the top of this page) is organized into five sections:

Architecture A description is provided of the seven Ensemble modules and the underlying software technologies.

Utilities Instructions for using Ensemble's utilities for creating, presenting, and maintaining web surveys.

Matlab Descriptions of MatRPC, a matlab utility that calls Matlab functions in the background for stimulus selection, Matlab Database Connector, a utility for interfacing Matlab scripts and functions with a MySQL database, and matlab analysis functions are provided.

Installation System requirements, web security recommendations, download and instructions.

Wiki The Ensemble Wiki was created in September, 2009. We hope this interface will provide a better means to distribute information regarding installation, management and analysis of Ensemble.

Please direct questions regarding the Ensemble web pages to sttomic[at]ucdavis[dot]edu

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