Working in the Lab

Thank you for your interest in the lab.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates typically work in an unpaid research assistant capacity, often participating in the lab in exchange for research (PSC199) credit. We are primarily interested in freshman and sophomore students who are interested in making a long-term commitment to the lab. This makes for a more rewarding experience and increases the likelihood that you'll get to do interesting work on a project. Only under rare circumstances will we accept seniors into the lab. Because much of what we do in the lab is quite technical, we are particularly interested in students with computer programming skills.

Graduate students

Please contact Petr Janata for more information. Be advised that the acceptance rate into the lab is ~2%.

Post-doctoral fellows

There are no funded post-doctoral positions available in the lab at this time.

Lab managers

There are no funded Research Assistant/Associate or Lab Manager positions available in the lab at this time.

If you are still interested in becoming involved in the lab, please contact Petr Janata (pjanata at ucdavis dot edu).

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