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 add2filtAdds filtering fields in the newfilt structure to the oldfilt structure.
 analysis_txt2fileWrites textual responses from the analysis structure out to a file.
 check_completionReturns a list of subject and session IDs that responded to a given form or question.
 check_completion_v2provides details on subjects who have started and who have completed a given experiment
 copy_qtxt2qdfCopies data from question.question_text to question_x_data_format.heading
 ensemble_add_data_struct_rowadds a given row of data to a given ensemble data struct
 ensemble_attach_compqid_strAttaches a compqid_str variable to the Ensemble data struct if none
 ensemble_check_compqidChecks to see if the data structure has a composite question ID variable.
 ensemble_check_paramChecks for the existance of checkParam within params.
 ensemble_combine_datastructsCombines two Ensemble datastructs in one of the three following ways:
 ensemble_compare_paramsCompares a saved params struct with a given params struct in memory.
 ensemble_completion_infoReturns completion statistics for a given data set.
 ensemble_concat_datastructConcatenates a cell array of structs into a single struct.
 ensemble_copy_stimuli2dirCopies stimuli specified either in data_st or in the experiment specified
 ensemble_copy_stimulusCopies a stimulus from the location specified by the combination of
 ensemble_csv2datastructLoads a CSV file into an Ensemble data structure
 ensemble_data_by_questionFilters/reshapes a struct such that compqids are now fields within the return struct.
 ensemble_data_struct_corrCalculates correlations between variables that are contained in the
 ensemble_datastruct2datasetConverts an Ensemble data struct to a dataset variable
 ensemble_datastruct2tableConverts an Ensemble data struct to a table variable
 ensemble_datastruct2treeConverts from an Ensemble data structure to a tree structure in the same format that mysql_extract_metadata uses.
 ensemble_deduce_trial_numberDeduces trial numbers associated with repeated forms in a response table
 ensemble_display_tableMechanism for formatting display of data in a table.
 ensemble_enum_histPlots the distributions of the response tallies in the categories of an enum.
 ensemble_enum_statsCalculates statistics on responses to enum questions.
 ensemble_export_cefaoutputs given dataset in a CEFA-friendly format, for factor analysis
 ensemble_export_respnstimtabulates subject-level and stimulus-based response-level data, exports one row per stim
 ensemble_export_stimsCopies stimuli that are registered in the Ensemble database to a folder
 ensemble_extract_matrixExtracts the variable specified in params.extract_var from each of the structs in data_st.
 ensemble_extract_nd_matrixan_st = ensemble_extract_nd_matrix(data_st,params);
 ensemble_filt_practicedataRemoves practice trial data from stim_meta, response_data, and stim_Xattribute
 ensemble_filterFilters data in data_st according to criteria specified in filt.
 ensemble_filter_by_metadataFilters a given data set by given metadata.
 ensemble_find_analysis_structReturns indices of structs within a cell array that match certain criteria.
 ensemble_form_reportPrints out a report of forms and questions used in an experiment
 ensemble_form_tablePrints responses to questions on a form out in tabular format
 ensemble_get_credentials[user,passwd,enc_key] = ensemble_get_credentials(auth_path);
 ensemble_get_encryption_keyReturns the encryption key string used by ensemble.
 ensemble_get_stiminfoObtains stimulus and attribute meta data for stim IDs in the response table.
 ensemble_get_student_idreturns unique student id/subject id combinations found in response data
 ensemble_init_data_structInitializes a data structure used by many of the Ensemble analysis functions.
 ensemble_init_fidInitializes a file identifier to which to direct output.
 ensemble_jobmanTop-level job manager for the Ensemble Matlab analysis toolkit.
 ensemble_load_expinforeturns the response table and metadata associated with an experiment
 ensemble_merge_dataMerges data from multiple structs into one struct.
 ensemble_migrate_expdatamigrates experiment data (only questions are currently supported) from one database to another
 ensemble_parse_presentparses presentation files, saves to appropriate place on disk
 ensemble_pathdatareturns an ensemble pathdata struct, given defs.paths and defs.sinfo
 ensemble_photo_formatsreturns photo formats allowed by Ensemble
 ensemble_plotfunReturns a function handle to one of the plotting sub-functions.
 ensemble_print_datastprints the contents of a data struct to screen and/or to file
 ensemble_print_metadataDisplays metadata obtained from mysql_extract_metadata
 ensemble_processStimsWrapper script that applies a given function to a given set of stims.
 ensemble_qid_x_qid_chi2Calculates Pearson's chi-squared goodness of fit test for data in an ensemble_qid_x_qid_table
 ensemble_qid_x_qid_tableProduces a table comparing two question IDs.
 ensemble_remove_empty_varsRemoves variables from an Ensemble datastruct whose values are all empty
 ensemble_remove_vars_from_datastructRemoves variables specified in vars2remove cell array of strings from the
 ensemble_report_subject_metaSummarizes subject information, e.g. age, gender
 ensemble_report_writtenDisplays written responses associated text or varchar fields.
 ensemble_reshape_dataReshapes a data struct by making new variables out of the unique levels
 ensemble_response_qaPerforms quality-control on response data
 ensemble_response_timesAnalyzes response time values stored in the response_text field of a
 ensemble_session_trial_infoExtracts the trial and session IDs in order, for each given session.
 ensemble_session_trial_info_v2sessData = ensemble_session_trial_info_without_trial_id(indata,params)
 ensemble_session_trial_info_without_trial_idsessData = ensemble_session_trial_info_without_trial_id(indata,params)
 ensemble_sortSorts an Ensemble datastruct
 ensemble_table2datastructConverts a MATLAB table variable into an Ensemble datastruct
 ensemble_tree2datastructConverts a generic data structure to conform to the ensemble data structure
 ensemble_vals2varsRearranges an ensemble data struct such that unique combinations of
 ensemble_verify_row_matchVerifies that rows match across subordinate structs within a given struct.
 enum2dataConverts Ensemble enum values to numeric values.
 extract_formdataExtracts data for given forms in the given response table.
 get_an_namesReturns list of analysis names in an an{na} array
 id_map2structCreates a struct field/value pairs from the first/second column of the input.
 init_analysis_structInitializes an analysis structure for pulling data out of the mysql database
 is_ensemble_datastructTests a variable to see if it conforms to the ensemble data struct
 make_compqidMakes a vector of "composite question IDs" from given question IDs.
 make_exp_sublistGenerates a list of unique subject ids for a given experiment.
 make_form_name_defsGenerates the form_name_defs file if params.write2file is true. Otherwise it
 make_valid_struct_key[str] = make_valid_struct_key(str)
 map_form_names_to_idsCalls form_name_defs an maps form names to their IDs
 mysqlMYSQL - Interact with a MySQL database server
 mysql_check_attributeChecks to see whether an attribute exists in the attribute table and
 mysql_check_attribute_x_attributeChecks to see whether a mapping exists in the attribute_x_attribute table
 mysql_check_connChecks a mysql connection, opens or closes if necessary.
 mysql_check_stimulus_x_attributeChecks to see whether an attribute exists in the attribute table and
 mysql_describe_tableReturns a description of the given mysql table.
 mysql_extract_dataThis is a very generic routine for extracting data from a table.
 mysql_extract_metadataRetrieves experiment, form, question or data_format info.
 mysql_func_templateMySQL connection and argument checking utility.
 mysql_get_child_attribsReturns child attribute IDs and names associated with one or more parent
 mysql_get_expinfoGets information for an experiment from a mysql database
 mysql_get_expstimsRetrieves auditory stimuli associated with a given response table.
 mysql_get_qtxtRetrieves text associated with questions specified by the vector of qids
 mysql_get_sessinfoReturns session information for given sessions.
 mysql_get_sinfoReturns subject info for given subject id.
 mysql_get_stim_attributesReturns info from the stimulus table for a given stimulus.
 mysql_get_stim_by_attributeReturns a list of stimuli associated with a given list of attributes
 mysql_get_subinfoReturns subject info for given subjects
 mysql_group_attribsGroups attributes together under a parent attribute in the attribute_x_attribute table
 mysql_insert_datainserts new records into a database. Returns vector of ids that were inserted
 mysql_insert_trial_mtxInserts trial information into the trial table.
 mysql_is_correctChecks to see whether the response to a trial is correct
 mysql_login_templatefunction params=mysql_login(params)
 mysql_make_connOpens a connection to a mysql server.
 mysql_qid2dfidReturns dfid associated with given qid
 mysql_question_enum_valsReturns a cell array of strings containing the enum labels for a given
 mysql_resolve_enumreturns strings associated with different levels of an enum variable.
 mysql_stimfld2attribAssociates stimuli with an attribute
 mysql_table_keyreturns the primary key name of a mysql table. If a composite key, returns a cell array of strings
 mysql_unique_fld_valsReturns a sorted list of unique values in a specific field of a specific table
 parse_fhreturns a function handle from a target (string, function library, or function itself)
 qtxt2qdfCopies data from question.question_text to question_x_data_format.heading
 read_audio_stimReads in the information for an mp3 audio stim file from the stimulus table.
 reformat_matlab_callSubstitutes context-specific parameter values for parameters specific in
 report_completion_statsGenerates a report of completion statistics for given experiment information.
 report_timingGenerates timing reports for given datasets.
 resp_table_defsDatabase response table column mappings
 set_form_col_constFigures out which data columns correspond to different database fields in the form table.
 set_stim_col_constFigures out which data columns correspond to different database fields in the stimulus table
 set_var_col_constAssigns an index to a field that is named after given variable
 stim_ids_from_resp_tblreturns all unique stimulus ids from a given response table(s)
 verify_subsRemoves subjects associated with the experiment info who aren't on the list

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