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 add_fighdrha = add_fighdr(pp);
 addramp[wvf] = addramp(x,npts,type);
 build_sndfunction [waveform, T] = build_snd(freqs, amplitudes, phases, Fs, npts)
 cell2str[s] = cell2str(cs,delim);
 cellhist[strs,cnt] = cellhist(vals);
 check_dirChecks for existence of outdir, and creates it if necessary
 check_stim_dirsCreates a directory structure for jlmt_proc_series calculations
 check_unique_rowsChecks whether all rows in the input matrix, mtx, are unique, and returns
 compare_cellsthis function compares the structure and contents of multi-dimensional and nested cells
 convert_charfld2cellstrfldConverts character array fields of a structure to cell arrays of strings
 convertunicodeHack conversions of unicode characters
 data2bitmaskdata2bitmask - converts a matrix of numeric data values into bitmasks that
 data2cmapcmap_idx = data2cmap(data,map_size,prop_abs);
 disperrorDISPERROR Display latest error message and where the error occured.
 execute_unix[varargout] = execute_unix(unix_str,nout,errmsg,logfid);
 find_turnarounds[turn_idxs] = find_turnarounds(traj);
 finputcheckfinputcheck() - check Matlab function {'key','value'} input argument pairs
 fisher_r2zz = fisher_r2z(r);
 freezeColorsfreezeColors Lock colors of plot, enabling multiple colormaps per figure. (v2.3)
 generic_pres_proc[data,meta] = generic_pres_proc(fname,params)
 init_phys_structps = init_phys_struct()
 linewrapLINEWRAP Separate a single string into multiple strings
 listFilesOfTypeReturns directory listing of all files in diretory specified by fpath of
 loadtxtloadtxt() - load ascii text file into numeric or cell arrays
 logspace2LOGSPACE Logarithmically spaced vector.
 make_mask_mtx[mask_mtx, unique_vals] = make_mask_mtx(data_vect);
 midi2f0F0 = midi2f0(midi_notes)
 mkstructReturns a structure using the provided fieldnames and values
 mp3read[Y,FS,NBITS,OPTS] = mp3read(FILE,N,MONO,DOWNSAMP) Read MP3 audio file
 note_labelsfunction [note_name] = note_labels(freq);
 prob2str[str] = prob2str(prob,crit,tok,places,return_ns)
 rand_order_no_repeatsrandomizes the order of the input_vector and attempts to not allow any one
 read_itunes_playlistReads a playlist text file generated by iTunes and returns an
 read_midmidinfo = read_mid(fname);
 report_corr_tablePrints a correlation table
 rotateticklabelROTATETICKLABEL rotates tick labels
 rotateyticklabelRotates tick labels
 scale_wvf[scaled] = scale_wvf(wvf,dB,nbits,is_wav);
 scatter_w_statsGenerates scatter plot and includes regression lines and statistics
 set_pres_col_constFigures out which data columns in a Presentation logfile correspond to
 spiral_layoutGenerates a spiral layout on a square grid given a list of arbitrary length
 struct2keyvalConverts a structure into a cell array that can be used as a series of
 toroidal_spect[amp, theta, phi] = toroidal_spect(data, dims);
 uimageUIMAGE Display image with uneven axis.
 uimagescUIMAGESC Display scaled image with uneven axis.
 unfreezeColorsunfreezeColors Restore colors of a plot to original indexed color. (v2.3)

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