Online Experiments

In order to obtain a broad sample from the population at large, we make it possible at times to participate in some of our experiments online. Current experiments have links below as well as the typical time to complete each one. Many of the experiments are structured so that you can participate as long as you want. NOTE: All of the experiments/surveys posted here are approved by the UC Davis Institutional Review Board and will require you to read and agree to two pages of consent forms. You must be over 18 to participate. As indicated on the consent forms, the information you provide is held in strictest confidence.

Currently we are not collecting data in any online experiments.

Survey/Experiment Name Duration Online

Music Evoked Autobiographical Memories
Requirements: A fast enough connection to support receiving of 30s long mp3 files. Birthdate after 1945.

~1 hour December 6, 2006 - April 2009
For experiments related to the Templeton Advanced Research Program project on "Music, Spirituality, Religion, and the Human Brain," click here. 1/2-2 hours September 18, 2006 - September 2009


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